Self-organized workshops and symposia

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Rosner, A., & Johansson, R. (2019, August). Recent advances in research on the “looking at nothing” phenomenon. Symposium conducted at the 20th European Conference on Eye Movements, Alicante, Spain.

Schlegelmilch, R., & Rosner, A. (2019, March). Cognitive Processes in Categorization Decisions. Symposium conducted at the 61st Conference of Experimental Psychologists, London, UK.

Scholz, A. (2018, April). Introductory workshop on eye tracking methodology for PhD students. University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Rebitschek F., & Scholz, A. (2016, August). Diagnostic reasoning with causal models. Symposium conducted at the Internatioal Conference on Thinking, Providence, RI.

Scholz, A. (2015, February). A one-day introductory workshop on eye tracking methodology. University of Basel, Switzerland.

Scholz, A., & Johansson, R. (2013). Special symposium on eye movements to blank spaces during memory retrieval. Symposium conducted at the 17th European Conference on Eye Movements, Lund, Sweden.

Fiedler, S., & Scholz, A. (2012, August). Introductory lesson on eye tracking methodology. 4th Workshop of the junior research group on decision making, Basel, Switzerland.