Invited Talks

Rosner, A. (2024, January). Which information is reactivated during different maintenance strategies? Evidence from eye movements. Research colloquium (Prof. Dr. Bettina von Helversen), University of Bremen, Germany.

Rosner, A. (2023, May). Eye movements as a tool to investigate exemplar retrieval in judgments. Behavioral studies colloquium, ETH Zurich, CH.

Rosner, A. (2022, November). Exemplar retrieval in preferential judgments. Research colloquium (Prof. Dr. Jörg Rieskamp), University of Basel, CH.

Rosner, A. (2021, November). Recent research on looking-at-nothing and looking-at-nothing in web-based experiments. Research colloquium (Prof. Dr. Fred Mast), University of Bern, CH.

Rosner, A. (2021, April). When the eyes have it and when not: How multiple sources of activation combine to guide eye movements during multi-attribute decision making. Virtual Process Tracing Seminar (Dr. Rima-Maria Rahal, Prof. Dr. Michael Schulte-Mecklenbeck, Prof. Dr. Susann Fiedler), Tilburg, NL, Bern, CH, Vienna, A.

Rosner, A. (2021, March). Web-based eye-tracking and a method for comparing eye-trackers. Research colloquium (Prof. Dr. Eric Johnson), Columbia Business School, NY.

Scholz, A. (2018, June). Blickbewegungsmessung und kognitive Modellierung erlauben tiefe Einblicke in Gedächtniseinflüsse beim Urteilen und Entscheiden. Research colloquium (Prof. Dr. Georg Jahn), Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany.

Scholz, A. (2018, April). What eye movements reveal about exemplar retrieval during multi-attribute inference. Research colloquium (Prof. Dr. Peter Juslin),Uppsala University, Sweden.

Scholz, A. (2017, June). Tracking eye movements to reveal memory processes during reasoning and decision-making. Research colloquium (Prof. Dr. Martin Baumann), Universität Ulm, Germany.

Scholz, A. (2014, May). Tracking memory processes during rule versus similarity-based decision making. Research colloquium (Prof. Dr. Peter Sedlmeier), Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany.

Scholz, A. (2013, November). Eye movements in memory-based processes of information search. Research colloquium (Prof. Dr. John Anderson), Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Scholz, A. (2013, July). Tracking memory-processes in similarity-based multi-attribute decisions. Research colloquium (Prof. Dr. Arndt Bröder), University of Mannheim, Germany.

Scholz, A. (2011, June). Die Suche nach Informationen im Gedächtnis führt zu Blickbewegungen an den Ort der Informationsaufnahme [Information search in memory leads the gaze back to associated spatial locations]. Research colloquium (Prof. Dr. Fred Hamker), Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany.